Samyana 102 Helping Others Heal

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The Samyana Method is a protocol to heal, help others heal, and experience extraordinary vitality with focus on critical lifestyle influences, hands on healing, and inner strength training. In an in house study of 85 straight hands on healing sessions, 96% reported immediate benefits, with 100+ conditions immediately eliminated or significantly improved.

Samyana 102 Helping Others Heal - The Manual

(Pre-Requisite: Samyana 101)

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Andrew Facca
Andrew Facca

About the instructor

A long time ago I did the holistic basics: eat plants, learn yoga & Reiki. I stopped practicing Reiki after learning B.O.S. with Larry Steel, which was far more comprehensive and effective.  I then studied and trained with world renowned medical doctors, scientists and healers and had the honor of providing blessings with the Sacred Relics of The Buddha. Samyana means Voyaging Together and is the accumulation of the healing wisdom of generations.  I do my best to help people heal or learn how to heal others. I make no claims and only report what others have experienced.