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VTB & RWGW & Samyana 101; 102; 103 & 104 - four 90 day semesters

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Voyage To Betterment  / Red World Green World / Samyana 101 Self Healing & Inner Strength Training / Samyana 102 - Helping Others Heal 

We recommend you start with the 2 hour Voyage to Betterment film, then view the 1 hour Red World Green World Course with 98 Margaret Chaney, then begin the Samyana Healing School. Details follow: 

Step 1) Voyage to Betterment, 2009

Follow a group of regular people on a holistic voyage. They ate a plant-based diet, similar to the now popular longevity diet. Blood tests revealed the group grew on average 4 years biologically younger in 30 days. But then the film gets interesting when they meet some world-class healers. Featuring David R Hawkins MD, Neal Barnard MD, T Colin Campbell Ph.D., Larry Steel, Atherton Drenth, Lori Wilson, Judi Bechard & Sandy Wright.

Step 2) Red World Green World with 98 Year Old Margaret Chaney

Margaret eats meat, wheat, gluten, and greasy potato chips yet she does not have IBS and remains sharp as a whip. She made a discovery that will change the face of medicine and nutrition. She discovered that there are only 2 types of people on the planet, those aligned with the south pole and those with the north. The foods and meds that benefit one group make the other weak and give them gas. In this, 1 hour course learn whether you are Red or Green and which foods and supps are best for you. This is the X-factor that everyone in allopathic, naturopathic and functional medicine needs to learn and share with clients. The info and updated lists herein are invaluable.  We could charge $10,000 for access to this course, but it is Free To All

"Anyone not doing this is doing nutrition wrong" Jamie O'Neil

"Ms Chaney made an important clinical discovery corroborated by my 45 years of clinical research and experience." Dr. David R Hawkins MD

Step 3) The Samyana Healing School. 
99% of therapies focus on the physical, but if the root of the problem is not physical then anything we do at the physical level will be fairly ineffective. Students will learn how to be the best at their game by identifying and treating the roots to issues at or beyond the physical. 

Jessica was unable to even raise her hand over her head. "In minutes, full range of motion was restored to my shoulder that has been frozen for months, despite physical therapy and massage" Jessica Preston, Physicians Assistant, Ann Arbor, MI 

  Samyana Healing School

“Because the body reflects what the mind believes, and the mind reflects our spiritual position, spirit has the greatest power of all. Therefore, our spiritual position literally determines whether we have a healthy physical body or not.”  

David R. Hawkins. MD. Healing and Recovery.

Samyana Healing School 

This school was designed with critical point analysis (least effort for maximum impact). So students can complete the school with very little time and effort and experience huge gains. Simply view a weekly 15-minute video tutorial that we filmed while teaching a group of students, then read or listen to a 5 to 10-minute lesson a day for 90 days.  There are four 90 Day Semesters total. That's it.

Semester 1 - 90 Days: Samyana 101 - Self Healing and Inner Strength Training: 

All the critical lessons anyone really needs to heal undesirable injuries and illnesses in 90 days are provided in this invaluable systematic approach to purge the influences that limit us. If you have clients simply refer them to this free school to maximize their healing potential.

Semester 2 - 90 Days: Samyana 102 - Helping Others Heal - The Manual  

Here we dig deeper into self-healing and continue the systematic approach to align with and in due course become the healing fields. Then we learn the invaluable protocols to help others heal quickly and effectively.

Semester 3) - 90 Days - Samyana 103:  Fulfilling Our Potential - Coming Soon

This is what our soul is crying for. We long to fulfill our potential without which we will feel like something is missing. The ultimate healing of our soul happens when we fulfill potential.

Semester 4) - 90 Days - Continuing Education - Coming Soon

Be the first to add new healing potentials as they manifest to your toolbox. Each week a new video will be added to the Samyana library. 

Access to the Facebook Samyana Group

The private Samyana FB group offers a platform for Q&A and the opportunity to connect with Andrew, and other students who that have been following this work for years. After enrolling the school, look for us on FB and make the request to join the group.

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