Samyana means Voyaging Together...

We Are All In This Together and We Are Not Helpless


Samyana 101

THE SAMYANA METHOD Pt1 Samyana 101 Self Healing & Inner Strength Training View a weekly 20 minute video tutorial and read or listen to only 1 ten minute lesson per day, for 90 days, to max the potential of adopting the critical points


Samyana 102

THE SAMYANA METHOD Part 2 Samyana 102 - Helping Others Heal. We dig deep to let go hidden blocks limiting vitality. We progressively develop greater connection, intuition, and alignment with the healing fields, creativity and infinite potential.


Voyage To Betterment Movie

In the first half of the film a group eat in a way similar to the now popular longevity diet for 30 days. In the 2nd part the film, the group meets a group of amazing healers. Featuring David R Hawkins MD., Dr Neal Barnard MD & T Colin Campbell


Red World Green World

Meet 98 Year Old Margaret Chaney who does not exercise and eats gluten, wheat, meat and greasy potato chips. Yet she remains sharp as a whip as she lives by and shares her discovery that will change the face of medicine and nutrition.


Plant Based Cooking Video Workshop

This is not a typical recipe video. Instead, this workshop is a how to eat and how to cook course. In 2 hours you will learn how to prepare over 150 meals and get all the insights and cooking lessons the Voyage to Betterment group received.